Vankyo Projector Brightness Review LED Lumens versus AAXA P6X

How bright are Vankyo projectors? We have been seeing Vankyo projectors almost everywhere in the past years, but their brightness ratings are often missing from their packaging. The most popular Vankyo projectors are Vankyo Performance V630, Vankyo Leisure 470, and Vankyo Leisure 3. These Vankyo projectors are advertised to have about 100-200 lumens brightness, with the V630 as the brightest projector at 270 lumens brightness.

To learn more about Vankyo projector brightness, we are going to test and compare the Vankyo Performance V630 Projector 1080P HD LCD and the AAXA P6X Mini Projector with a 4-hour Battery.

The AAXA P6X LED projector is known as the brightest mini projector that operates off a battery. The AAXA P6X mini projector has a respectable 1000 LED Lumens on battery and 1100 LED Lumens plugged in, while the Vankyo V630 has 270 lumens brightness. Based on our initial observation, the Vankyo projector does not seem to have a greater Lumen rating compared to the P6X.

Though the AAXA P6X mini projector is a lot smaller than the Vankyo performance V630, it boasts vibrant colors and crisp details; whereas the Vankyo performance V630 has washout images and colors in a low-light room. It seems that the Vankyo projector falls short in terms of color quality most likely due to the lower-end lumen rating it has.

The Vankyo V630 Projector claims 1080p which is a Full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Note that the throw ratio and the lumen rating are missing in their official manual. The AAXA P6X claims a native resolution of WXGA which is 1280 x 800 Pixels. However, our test points out that the Vankyo V630 Projector has some focus problems and the images on the edge are out of focus, it has unreadable small texts on the left of the projection. This focus issue is common among single LCD projectors; it is almost impossible to get a perfect in-focus image when you use keystone on a single LCD projector. The AAXA P6X mini projector, on the other hand, use DLP technology – the same technology used in cinemas worldwide.

AAXA P6X Mini Projector (left),
Vankyo V630 Performance Projector (right)

To learn more about Vankyo V630 Performance Projector focus issue and its brightness comparison to the AAXA P6X projector, watch our review video below.

Final Words

The Vankyo V630 costs $269.99 and the AAXA P6X costs $359.99, would you pay $110 more for portability and better image quality? Overall the AAXA P6X mini projector is perfect for those looking for convenience and great clarity of image. With the Vankyo V630 still being a good option, it’s safe to say that paying extra would definitely be better in the long run. 

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