Create Haunted Illusions Indoors this Halloween with a Pico Projector!

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some ideas for bringing some Halloween illusions to life. All you need are a few supplies and we explain the step-by-step process below.  Be prepared to take your Halloween decoration to the next level!

Supplies Needed:

  • Projector – we use an AAXA HD Pico Projector
  • Mesh fabric
  • Pins or tape to connect your fabric to window or door frame
  • USB Thumb Drive or SD Card with Halloween content
    • Halloween content can be found on AtmosFX here or through torrent sites.


  • External speaker – to really bring the ghosts to life!



Supplies Needed for your Halloween Illusions!

After getting all your supplies together, the next step is choosing your content! As mentioned above AtmosFX is always a good choice for great holiday content.  They have a plethora or hologram projections to choose from, so you will be sure to find something you like.  Feel free to find other content through torrent sites as well!

Putting Content on Your Projector

Most projectors include inputs that allow you to easily connect to other devices.  We highly recommend finding a projector that has an HDMI port, to connect to devices such as a DVD players, and/or a USB Port or SD Card port, as this usually means the projector is capable of reading files from the two devices.  For our HD Pico, we load content onto a USB thumb drive and set the videos on a loop to play repeatedly.  Obtaining the content to AtmosFX is as simple as downloading the content onto your computer and then putting it on your USB thumb drive or SD Card.


AtmotFX “Beckoning Beauty” projected through a doorway

Setting Up to Project Your Holograms

The only supplies needed to obtain the hologram effect is some semi-transparent mesh-like material, such as sheer curtain fabric or a sheer sheet, in addition to tape or pins to hook the material onto the ceiling, door frame or window frame.  Once that is up, we recommended putting your projector somewhere where it can be hidden, for example inside a piece of furniture, but also at the correct distance away so your projection is not too large, but not too small!  This may take a bit of trial and error but shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to get the perfect projection size.


Close-up of fabric used for our projection!

Enjoy Your Spooky Decoration!

We hope your enjoyed this tutorial.  With a few supplies, it’s very simple to put together a spooky surprise for your neighbors and trick-or-treaters to enjoy.


Our set-up above!

See the DIY video below:


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