Syndiant Selected by Cremotech and SK Telecom for it’s Laser HD Pico Projector

Syndiant is a leader in pico projector engines, they make engines for pretty much all of the major companies out there, 3M, AAXA, etc.  At CES last week they announced a partnership with Cremotech, which is a Korean company who is working on a few technologies for mobile devices.



Cremotech has chosen the Syndiant SYL2271 HD Laser Panel, which is a triple-laser engine delivering 720P brightness.  The laser engine also offers the functionality of being focus-free, meaning a user does not need to focus the projector at all.

The Syndiant engine is also labeled as “Speckle-free”, in older laser engines, you would notice some amount of Speckle on the image due to it being a laser.  Newer engines have reduced the amount of this on the image and now can provide a pretty great image.

We’re hoping this leads to other companies picking up laser again, as we think the ability to have infinite focus is a pretty great benefit, and an added convenience for customers.  We’re hoping that Cremotech releases something using this engine later this year, once it’s out we’ll definitely be taking a better look at it.

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