The Ghost Box Portable Projector

3D hologram projection is a developing technology and it is here. Controlled by a smartphone or tablet you can put your product in any environment without ever leaving your seat. New technology puts together 3D printing, pico projectors and touchscreen all into one box, literally!

Chicago-based creative studio Leviathan, teaming up with music foundry Waveplant, produced the project. Moving from an early art experiment to a commercial application, they combined a number of ingredients into a box for dreaming up custom designs. The elements:

  • Projection mapping with a moving object (a technique we’ve seen with growing frequency)
  • The “Pepper’s Ghost” effect – sometimes dubbed a “hologram” by folks today, it actually makes clever use of mirrors and human perception, in a technique first documented centuries ago. (Pepper was the guy who made it a hit in theaters in the 19th Century.)
  • A portable enclosure (suitable for retail, events, and the like)
  • 3D printing
  • Interactive projection controls on a tablet

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