New Floating Interactive Displays Are Coming!

From Japan, company Asukanet┬áhas developed a new interactive display that may soon be used in ATMs. To give you a better idea of what this, Tom Cruise’s Minority Report utilized this idea.

This new technology uses a focus free projector and an Aerial Imaging Plate to create the look of floating imagery. Japan has always been the forefront for technological innovations and this is proof of such feats in today’s tech society.

The Aerial Imaging (AI) Plate, developed by Asukanet, is a next-generation display device which can form an image which appears to be floating in midair from light that passes through it. By combining this device with sensors, it is also possible to interact with the projected images.

The viewing angle of the display is plus/minus 20 degrees from an axis at 45 degrees to the plate, so the image can only be seen by people within that area. So for example, if this display is utilized for bank ATMs, the image can only be seen by the current ATM user, preventing others from seeing what data is input. Another advantage is that because the device itself isn’t touched, the display won’t get covered in fingerprints.


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