Alcatel One Touch Hero dedicated pico projector accessory – will this trend last?


Alcatel have been very busy at the IFA 2013 this year, not only did they reveal the ONE TOUCH HERO with a built-in stylus and E ink cover (definitely trying to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 press release) it also introduces a pico projector that is specifically for the ONE TOUCH HERO! Now before you get skeptical, the ONE TOUCH HERO is actually living up to its name, and so any designated accessory – the pico projector for example – may really become an device people consider purchasing! Is this going to be a new trend for smartphones? Are the essential accessories people purchase along a smartphone going to be a case, screen protector, stylus, portable battery, and…a pico projector? While this is a interesting idea, there are still a lot of limitations to this, because there’s no real reason for people to buy this specific ONE TOUGH HERO pico projector over say an AAXA P4x or a Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector. This designated ONE TOUCH HERO pico projector only has a brightness of 12 lumens and can only work with this phone, while other pico projector have much higher brightness making it actually useful in everyday situations, and it can connect to multiple devices through HDMI, VGA, or AV, or ever USB. We will see if this kind of branding will work or not, maybe when Apple decides to try a stunt like this is when it becomes a real trend!


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