The Go Universal App Enables Mobile Projection to Appeal to Everyone

Platform Development, Inc. developed the Go Universal app to add features and enhance mobile (pico) projector functionality. When Go Universal is used with a pico projector, sharing your photos, documents, videos, and social media becomes an enjoyable group experience.

Boise, Idaho (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Ever huddle around a small mobile phone screen or portable electronic device with family or friends to see a photo, the latest viral YouTube video, or social media posts? Mobile projectors, also referred to as “pico” or “handheld” projectors are products that are designed to make sharing media and content easy.Platform Development, Inc., a software development and hardware design company, created the Go Universal app. This software solution simplifies mobile projection hardware and enhances the user experience so that sharing content is entertaining.

Until recently, interest in mobile projectors was mostly limited to first-adopters of technology and hobbyists. However, growing consumer demand for mobile electronics and the increased availability of mobile projectors indicates that interest in mobile projection is increasing.

Bill Lauer, President of Platform Development, Inc., explains his interest in mobile projection: “Having always been a tech geek, I’ve been intrigued by pico projectors for a long time. But they were too expensive or unusable for most people.”

The high price of mobile projectors was a primary reason for slow growth in the market. In 2010, an entry-level pico projector cost 250 dollars or more. Now, there are several projectors that sell for 99 to 150 dollars.

Projector hardware enables people to project movies, videos, and pictures. To further enhance the user experience and make the already innovative hardware better, the Go Universal app offers a simple to use, feature packed software solution that unlocks the full potential of projector hardware.

“The market has shifted from hardware. Now, projection software delivers the real product differentiation and the consumer experience value that makes products popular.” Lauer explains.

Go Universal enables the projection of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube videos, web sites, Excel, PowerPoint, text documents, PDF files, images, and more. The app also projects individual photos, photos in slideshow mode, and offers the option to add a custom soundtrack to slideshows.

Go Universal works with all projectors that connect to an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad including the most popular brands and models:

  •     Brookstone Pocket Projector
  •     AAXA Pico Projectors and Jr. Pico Projectors
  •     3M Pocket and Portable Projectors
  •     MicroVision SHOWWX and SHOWWX+ HDMI
  •     Optoma PKA31 Pico Palm-sized Projector


The interface is very simple to use. It is reminiscent of the early click-wheel on the first iPod models. Just touch the feature icon, touch the centered orange “Go” logo, and the feature is activated.

“We are pleased to see the continued development of software applications that give users of our pico projectors access to ever greater amounts of content. The Go Universal application highlights the importance of social, on-the-go communication from mobile devices and how it is augmented by projection,” said Dawn Goetter, director of marketing communication for MicroVision. “As pioneers in this market, we are excited when new players like Platform Development join the growing pico projection ecosystem of hardware solutions, software applications, and content that makes for a rich user experience.”

Lauer believes that the demand for mobile projectors will continue to grow as projector hardware becomes more popular and apps like Go Universal improve the user experience.

“When I use my projector in front of someone who has never seen a device like it, I often get a curious look. However, after snapping it onto my iPhone and projecting an image, the reaction is always the same: ‘That’s cool!’ or ‘Where can I buy one?’ It’s almost universal.”

Go Universal is available on the Apple App Store. For more information, see the official website.

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