AAXA reveals a new high resolution pico projector

AAXA Technologies Unveils New Pico Projector

High Powered LED Showtime 3D equipped with 1280×800 DLP and 3D ready graphics

Dec. 14, 2012- AAXA’s line up of pico projectors now includes a new, next generation LED projector that is 3D ready. The LED Showtime delivers a high resolution of 1280×800 DLP imager and still last ten times longer than a traditional projector.

 AAXA Tech. LED Showtime 3D pico projector

Mobile Game & Movie Platform

The AAXA LED Showtime 3D features native 720P (WXGA) resolution powered by a Texas Instruments DLP imager, 20,000 hour LEDs, 3D ready graphics processor, and an onboard Movie, Slideshow, and Music player. All this is housed in a micro form-factor, measuring just 5.9” x 5.2” x 1.4”. The LED Showtime 3D is a true mini projector capable of producing giant, deep, immersive video and game-play of up to 160”.

A Big Projector in a Micro Projector Size

The AAXA LED Showtime 3D is a full-featured entertainment projector in a micro projector size.  A variety of input sources include HDMI and VGA connections, a Composite Video input cable, and a USB memory stick slot for media playback.  Outputs include a 3.5mm headphone jack and onboard 2 watt speakers.  Processing power is provided by a robust 880mhz ARM chipset able to render high resolution full-length movies and high megapixel digital pictures.  3D capability is made possible by a “DLP-3D” processor able to display 3D movies, games, and education content (requires 3D glasses and Quad Buffered 3d Graphics card). The AAXA LED Showtime 3D is a true miniature powerhouse able to perform like a full sized projector and able to double as a stand-alone entertainment system without the need to connect to a video source or game console.”

The Showtime 3D will be available December 2012 at aaxatech.com for $499.

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