Panasonic demos world’s thinnest laser projector

Recently pocket-sized projectors, pico projectors, are in their league of products right now. Creating portable projectors that are small, light, and easy to carry along, but manufacturers continue to condense their sizes and put them out there. As the size becomes condensed, it is only imperative that it would eventually collaborate with the smart phone products, and allow us to carry 60-inch displays in our pockets.


Panasonic shows off its latest entry in the portable projector category which features this 100-lumen laser projector. It’s claimed that it is the worlds thinnest at 7.5mm thick, and it was stated that it’s actually going to be fixed up and made smaller. Although this product is one of the smallest, they still need to work on the specs which only projects 800 x 480.


It seems unlikely that we’ll get a decent phone projector, but in the meantime pico projectors are a great thing to have instead. I believe that this technology is still a few years from being embedded into smartphones, but it is great to see the progression from the laser pico projectors that I have used in the past (AAXA L1 Laser Pico Projector)

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