Using Pico Projectors to Control your Objects in you House!

Imagine being able to turn on a light in your house or transfer data using a pico projector. That is exactly the work of Domink Schmidt, a post-doctoral researcher at the Human Interaction Lab in Potsdam, Germany who partnered up with Microsoft Research to make this happen.

Very literally they have turned ideas into reality by taking an off-the-shelf laser pico projector (Microvision ShowWX™) and using its projection engine to interact with distant objects using only light! Sounds great right? It is called PICOntrol and how it functions is by projecting an image onto objects, such as a lamp, and allows the user to remotely turn the lamp on or off.  It gets even better. Through PICOntrol, the user can remotely input information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses, select multimedia content, and even control objects such as robots .  Dr. Schmidt’s work may have ended the downward spiral that laser based pico projectors have been experiencing given the present trend towards brighter, cheaper LED projection technology.


Check the video, I highly recommend it.


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