Mobile Media Sharing Just Got Easier With The HD Ready AAXA P4 – X

The pico projector arena has been in recent years pushing for a more focused attempt at media sharing. From iPhone and iPod enabled docking devices such as the Brookstone iPhone Adapter to tiny credit card sized projectors that easily work with various devices.

All of the 50+ lumen projectors with digital inputs are usually priced in a $300+ category. It’s tough to justify your media projector when it’s retailing at around $400 (I’m looking at you Optoma), not exactly an impulse buy. AAXA revealed earlier this week that there was a new competitor in the ring at $299 with the AAXA upgraded P4 – X model that includes a digital out as well as a plethora of media inputs such as VGA, Composite, and USB. At 720p you can be assured that not only will you be getting the best bang for your buck – but as we’ve shown you before – probably one of the smallest, brightest, and clearest projectors on the market. As you can see from the review we did back when ( we were already in favor this little projector. Although in its revised version, the P4 – X does lose it’s Windows CE Desktop mode as well as it’s 2GB on-board memory.

Never short of impressive the P4 – X comes packed with Vibrant Color Technology, which we’re assured is the reason that the colors look vivid and deep, and the 720p mini-HDMI out definitely helps increase portability and function. The device isn’t immediately available to all smart phone users, but we’re definite that this is compatible with the iPhone via accessory and immediately accessible to Android, tablet, and Blu-Ray users.

We’ll try to get our hands on one of these models upon launch to see how big the upgrades are and whether the loss of Windows CE is a deal breaker, but at the new sub-$300 price you can rest assured that this will be the projector to compete with in this range.

Opinions are up in the air about performance, we’ll fill you in when we get our hands on the AAXA P4 – X

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