Sanawa Supply Looking to Capatalize on Apple’s Success

Sanawa Supply company from Japan is looking to capitalize on Apple’s enormously popular iPhone 4 and 4S models by building a projector accessory for the device.The pico projector is rated at 12 ansi-lumens and can project images from the iPhone at a 640 x 360 resolution. The projector takes 5 hours to fully charge and can project for 2.5 hours afterward or be used as an external battery that can charge the iPhone back to 100% capacity when not in use.

This is a great projector for those looking to display images right from their iPhones but with a $260 price tag and low luminosity, the projector wouldn’t be more suitable than toy if it weren’t able to be used as a battery as well. This projector would only be able to be used with a decent image quality in very low light environments. Any lights would wash out the image for this projector.

However, the sleek design and matching glossy back color will appease people with looks in mind which is a big concern at Apple. This projector is currently only being sold in Japan, but you can get your hands on one by contacting the manufacturer directly. The other drawback is that this only works with two iPhone models and will not work with the iPod Touch or iPad models. The pcoket projector can be charged though a USB chord making a good companion for a PC or Mac laptop.

The bottom line: This would make a really cool toy and charger for your iPhone 4 if you have money to burn and are often in dark places.



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