Brookstone iPhone LED Projector vs AAXA P3 Led Projector

Brookstone iPhone LED Projector vs AAXA P3 Led Projector

As everyone is out looking for the newest accessory for their iPhone, Brookstone has released a pico projector that acts as both a case and external battery.

This is great for those who have an iPhone 4 or 4s but those of us who still have the 3g we’re out of luck.  Because of this we decided it would be great to show you an alternative pico projector that we will is around the same price and provides more lumens, although it is not a case or a battery.  The P3 from AAXA Technologies is one of their latest products that really gives some good value.


Now… lets begin the Comparison!


The Brookstone Pocket Projector has a slight advantage as it smaller, lighter and even when inserting the iPhone it is a tad smaller than the AAXA P3.  Both are small enough to fit into your pocket for those who don’t carry a bag.




Brightness is the single most important spec when it comes to projectors and the AAXA P3 does not disappoint.  With 50 lumens it clearly outshines the 15 lumens Brookstone projector.  The projectors are the same distance away from the wall but the P3 is able to product a bigger image than the Brookstone Projector while still being brighter.


The AAXA p3 Pico Projector also wins this category; with a native resolution of 1024×600 it just about doubles the 640×360 resolution of the Brookstone Pocket Projector.  From the image below you can see when the image is looked at closely you can see each pixel of the Brookstone Projector much more clearly than the higher resolution P3.


The Brookstone Projector is available at their website for $229


The AAXA P3 is available at their website or online vendors for $269 including 


Video Comparison

People say pictures say a thousand words, well we believe videos are even better! Enjoy!


Overall both devices are nice and serve different purposes even though they are both projectors.  With the Brookstone iPhone 4 projector you are limited to only using the iPhone 4 or 4S but allows for a slick form factor.  With the AAXA P3 you can connect to gaming consoles, blu-ray players, iPads, iPhones, computers and more.  With its FULL HDMI, VGA and Compositive AV cables it really is very versatile tool.  15 lumens may be sufficient for many but 50 lumens really provides more options at this time.  Both projectors are using LED Technology which is great since with 15,000 hours or more of life there is no need to worry about them burning out!









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