$3 pico projector for iPhone

Pico Projector Hack for iPhone
In case you weren’t able to upgrade your iPhone 4S and cant mirror your phones screen with a projector, here is a $3 hack you can use to project.

This is in no way a REAL replacement for a pico projector but its fun to go over the basic concept of how a projector works and be able to do it for $3.(if you already have an iPhone) If you don’t have an iPhone its not really a $3 hack, its more of a $399 hack. You also won’t be able to control your iPhone since you will have to open up the box every time you want to do something.

If you want a real pico projector you can get one like the AAXA p4 pico projector.

You can play all your favorite iPhone apps with it and have it project.

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