Thanko Iphone Pico Projector

Japanese company Thanko has a new iPhone Pico Projector to go along with Brookstones new iPhone case / pico projector, and the older Mili iPhone pico projector.

As smartphones are being used more and more to watch media, the need for a small projector to watch this media on a bigger screen is large.

Unfortunately this little guy only has a resolution of 320 × 240 to go along with its measly 10 lumens.

In dark environments however, you can get a bright image and for 100 bucks this pico projector can be viewed as a fun toy and great holiday gift idea.

If you really want something brighter and portable, AAXA Technologies has released their p4 pico projector with 80 lumens with battery life of up to 75 min.  With 80 lumens you can get pretty good images even with some lights on and in the dark you can really get amazing images.

Pico projectors still have tons of room for growth, but product like these can only make us wish the progression would go a little faster!

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