MiLi Pro v2.0 Pico Projector

MiLi Pro v 2.0 Pico Projector

This is an older product but with everyone talking about the Brookestone iPhone projector I thought it would be a good idea to remind people what else is out there and that the Brookestone iPhone projector is not something ground breaking product, its just the newest better looking one.

The idea of pico projectors is to have a portable projector that you can easily fit into your pocket.  Many people even refer to pico projectors as pocket projectors.  With the pico projector expanding, and Apple just releasing their newest iPhone 4s, its no surprise that someone wanted to make a attachment.

The Mili Pro uses a Liquid Crystal on Silocon Led projector often referred to as LCoS.  It has 10 lumens and offers at 640 x 480 pixl resolution.  This projector can be found at Amazon for hefty$393.

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