Wavien, Inc. Demonstrates a Low Cost 3D LED Projector Using Proprietary Recycling LED Technology

VALENCIA, Calif., June 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Wavien, Inc. will be demonstrating the latest advances in LED light engine technology with a prototype 3D Projector using its proprietary LED Recycling Technology (RLTâ„¢).

Wavien’s low cost 3D projector combines the left and right polarized images from two TFT-LCD panels using a reflective polarizer, and projects the combined images onto a polarization-preserving screen through a single projection lens. The 3D image can then be viewed using low-cost polarizing eyeglasses. This system allows use of a “home-made” polarization-preserving screen, produced with off-the-shelf metallic spray paint, which further reduces the total cost of ownership. Wavien is working with manufacturers in Taiwan for this 3D projector. A 2D version of this low cost LED projector is also available.

A production ready 2D sample and a 3D engineering prototype will be shown at the Wavien booth, #5283, at the InfoComm in Orlando, Florida, from June 15th to 17th. Performance, pricing, and delivery details for these new projectors are now available from Wavien.

“Our goal is to provide a low-cost, maintenance-free 3D projection system for home and classroom uses. Wavien’s RLT technology utilizes a low-cost, street-lamp type of LED, and costs are reduced even further by using large area TFT-LCD panels to simply the light engine architecture. The two-polarization system permits the use of low-cost, passive polarization eyeglasses, instead of expensive LCD shutter glasses. A further innovation is to project the images onto a simple metallic spray painted screen, which is polarization preserving and has high gain,” stated Dr. Kenneth Li, President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the recycling technology. Dr. Li added: “This unique combination of low-cost components makes 3D viewing at home and in classrooms affordable, which is one of the major factors in the widespread adoption of 3D.”

Ron Meritt is president of Olens Technology, based in Pismo Beach, CA.

“Olens Technology is excited to work with Wavien, a global leader in projection technology with the RLT technology,” stated Mr. Meritt, who was featured in many media outlets including the cover story of Forbes Magazine. “We are very optimistic that Olens Technology will be able to introduce this 3D projector as a leading product into the market using Wavien’s technology,” added Mr. Meritt.

About Wavien, Inc.

Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, high-performance light sources and engine prototypes for the projection and general lighting industries. Wavien currently offers its unique “Dual Paraboloid Reflector” (“DPR”) technology using ultra-high-pressure arc lamps. Wavien has also entered the LED illumination market with its RLT recycling and non-imaging optical technology. These technologies improve lamp life, brightness, and efficiency when teamed with applications in the projection display, fiber optics, entertainment, and general lighting markets.

DPR is a registered trademark of Wavien, Inc. RLT is a trademark of Wavien, Inc.

For more information, please visit http://www.wavien.com or contact the company.

Contact Information:
Harry Farrar
Sales and Marketing
(661) 294-2900 ext. 210

About Olens Technology, Inc.

Olens Technology is a division of Tirem Corp, founded in 1997 in Pismo Beach, CA. The company originally manufactured the first portable video system for vehicles, and within 18 months sales exceeded $200 million annually. Following the success of the mobile video system, the company expanded into many consumer electronic products, including unique projectors and, more recently, 3D and hologram projection devices.

Contact Information:
Ron Meritt
President, Olens Technology
P.O. Box 386
Pismo Beach, California 93448
Office 805-489-3636
Cell 805-459-1131
Skype ron.meritt

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