Ultra-bright LED Lighting systems are here!

Wavien LED Light recycling technology

Wavien, a California company better known for their ultra bright projector lamps have introduced what they claim to be “ultra-bright lighting systems” for projectors.  These systems employ Wavien’s “RLT” technology and can enable a LED projector to produce from 100 to 20,000 lumens.  The key to this brightness is Wavien’s patented “light recycling” LED Projector light sourcetechnology that makes lightsources from traditional projector lamps to LEDs more efficient in their output.  This is exciting news as red-green-blue LEDs in projectors tend to product extremely vibrant colors compared to the traditional UHP projector lamp.  Hopefully with Wavien’s technology DLP and LCOS LED Projectors for the home theater will stop costing $10,000+, and start becoming more consumer friendly. 

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