Taiwanese PC Manufacturer, Acer has launched its first pico LED projector

Acer C20 LED Pico Projector unveiledLED Mini Projector The C20 LED pico projector is based on the 858×480 WVGA DLP imager and produces a familiar 20 lumens of light output.  With its 20,000 hour LED RGB light source the projector can basically last years without needing a light source change.  The size is very small, although with the 858×480 resolution and 20 lumen output, we are wondering if this is just a rebadge of Optoma’s PK201. 

We like the HDMI connector, the long(ish) battery life, and the sleek look.  We don’t like the low lumen output or the high price.  Overall it’s not a game changer, but it is nice to see a big player like Acer beginning to take LED Pico projectors seriously.

It’s available now $349.


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