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Friday November 28th 2014




Casio announces 12 3D Laser/LED hybrid projectors




Casio announced a total of twelve new DLP projectors for the Japanese market, all of which can produce 3D images and feature a hybrid laser/LED light source. The company will start rolling out eight “standard” models starting in Japan in May, before offering two short-focus and two high-end devices in July.

The most interesting model is the flagship projector, the XJ-H1650, which features

3,500 lumens brightness (lamp life: 20,000 hours)
1,400:1 contrast ratio
1,024×768 resolution
Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g, Ethernet
one HDMI interface, one USB 2.0 port

For viewing images in 3D, Casio recommends using the so-called “3D Glasses for CASIO Projector”.

Casio plans to price the cheapest model, the “standard” XJ-M140 (2,500 lumens brightness, 1,024×768 resolution) at $1,200, with prices going up from there (the flagship XJ-H1650 will cost $2,800).

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