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Google Pixel 2 Will Release on October 4th and it’s Expected to Deliver, According to Rumors

Although we don’t know much about the Google Pixel 2, other than the fact that it is to launch on October 4th, there is much speculation floating around on what the next generation Pixel will include in terms of improvements and updates.  With the success the first generation Pixel saw, we are sure that the Pixel 2 will be an exciting upgrade.

Google’s ad above does seem to provide some insight as to what the Pixel 2 may include.  With a plethora of questions popping up in a Google Search Engine such as “what’s wrong with my phone’s battery?” “why does my phone take so many blurry photos?” “why doesn’t my phone understand me” “why can’t my phone update itself?” we get an idea of what may be coming with the new Pixel 2.

Some of the rumors surrounding the new Pixel mention that the new phone may come with a Snapdragon 836 chipset, which means that the phone would possess the same chipset powering the Samsung S8.

Another rumor states that the new Pixel will have squeezable edges, allowing the user to operate the phone and open applications like the camera with a simple squeeze.  If this is, indeed, a new feature to be included on the phone, it will definitely be a fun, new addition that is only now found on the HTC U11.

In any event, the questions included in the video above do hint that the Pixel 2 will include a longer battery life, a better camera, the ability for it to update itself as well as a Google Assistant, which means there is going to be more than a few things to look forward to!  But until October 4th, we will not know for sure although that date is very much right around the corner!


What to See for Apple’s Product Launch Event on Sep. 12?

Apple fans around the world are looking forward to one of the most exciting product launch events on September 12 at 10 a.m. PST, which marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone.

Three iPhone modelsWSJ has confirmed that Apple is going to unveil a new iPhone model loaded with features like facial-recognition technology and wireless charging. Despite the premium price, high expectation for the device has already boosted Apple’s stock price this year, capped by a nearly 10% run in August. Meanwhile, the company will also disclose updates to the two iPhone 7 models that debuted last year.


*Note: This an iPhone 7

A New Apple Watch – Apple is also expected to unveil a new Apple Watch (Apple Watch 3) with an LTE cellular chip so that the device can access services like email, text, and calls without the necessity to connect with iPhone.


*Note: This is an Apple Watch 2

A New Apple TV – Apple has been working on negotiating with major movie studios for a better price of 4K content in order to offer ultra high-definition films on its new Apple T, which is likely to launch on September 12 as well.

apple tv

*Note: This is not the 4K Apple TV

The New Headquarter – The new $5 billion headquarter campus itself has also created a big buzz since it was planned. Though it is still being completed, Apple told WSJ the event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theatre, a 1,000-seat auditorium that is located inside a circular, glass-walled structure with a heavy, carbon-fiber roof that was designed to resemble a MacBook Air suspended in space.