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Are Nintendo Switch Projector Docks going to be the Big New Thing?

Nintendo Switch enthusiasts are currently buzzing about the latest news regarding a dock that will let you project whatever you’re playing onto a wall!

Yesojo, a company declaring the rights to creating the World’s First Projector for Nintendo Switch, according to their website, has come out with the Ojo.  There is currently no release date set for the product but a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo seems to be set for September 17, 2017.

The Ojo, which claims to project up to a 150” screen with 200 lumens, will allow Nintendo Switch users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.  In addition to the large projected image, an article on Kotaku was able to get additional details, such as a dual stereo speaker, a rechargeable 20,000mA battery that allows for 4 hours of play, and a separate HDMI input source to connect to additional devices.


Although the Ojo is going to be the first projector made that is dedicated to the Nintendo Switch, users are still able to create an immersive gaming experience with any projector capable of an HDMI input.   Pico projectors with included batteries can be an excellent substitute for any Nintendo Switch gamer seeking the on-the-go factor the Ojo is presenting.  Some examples of pico projectors that include similar brightness specs with a built-in-battery include the AAXA P300 or the AAXA P5, iCodis G1, and Amaz-Play.

Whatever route gamers choose to go, there are always options in bringing our gaming experiences to life and it is quite exciting to see the development of new products like the Ojo coming into play.



Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, a recent phenomenon that has attracted the attention of many looking for a quick (or long) escape, has become increasingly popular creating more competition among high-end VR System manufacturers.

HTC, the company that brought us the very popular and highly-rated Vive VR headset has just lowered their price to $599, which is $200 less than the steep $800 price tag it had before.  Because of this, Amazon is now showing a 1-2 month backorder for the device.  Although, one can conclude that the price cut came as a result of their competitor: Oculus, who introduced a price-cut on their Oculus Rift + Touch System not too long ago as well.


HTC Vive System


Oculus Rift Headset

Reviewers on Amazon rave about the amazing experiences they’re able to garner from the wearable device and with the new sale price going into effect, it becomes a bit more enticing to take advantage of.

The Vive System will get you the headset, wireless controllers and base stations, which is essentially everything you need to immerse yourself into a new world.  A free trial for Viveport Subscription is also (still) included, and it allows the customer to get copies of Everest VR and Richie’s Plank Experience for free.


Viveport Applications available through

Virtual reality headsets will very much provide a gateway into a new world that will allow one to escape everyday life while still being in the comfort of his or her own home.  Because of this, most will say it is completely worth it to invest in such a device… and we would have to agree!