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Microvision’s future looks bleak – loss grows to $9.8 Million

Microvision announced recently that it lost $9.8 Million during the first quarter. Up from $9 million the for the same period last year. Its revenues grew slightly higher to $1.7 million for the quarter.

Microvision can’t seem to seal the bleeding. Last fall they reported that their cash supply was getting smaller which is a major concern. Alexander Tokman made a statement saying “We believe we are positioned to achieve our goal of making PicoP Gen2 display engine technology available this year with a licensing and royalty business model that capitalizes on our investment in our patented PicoP technology and the associated reduction in operating expenses,”


Our hats off to you Microvision.


More People Using Tablets in Conjunction with their Pico and Micro Projectors

As tablets eat away at the laptop and PC market, more and more people are using them to connect to to Pico and Micro Projectors. Connecting to a tablet allows users to take a pico projector with a batter and connect it to what is essentially an ultra-portable computer also with a battery. With just one cable, business presentations can be made, lectures can be taught in universities and Angry birds can be played on a gigantic screen. The choices of tablets to choose from are staggering with what seems like an Android tablet coming out every month. However, the best android tablets have been compared in a table below. Although not all of the tablets have a straight HDMI cable out of the tablet, there are often converter cables that can be bought from the manufacturer that allows for HDMI connectivity like in the case of Apple’s iPad.

Apple have their flagship iPad on the market lading the way in tablet sells but only the iPad 2 and the New iPad can mirror with an HDMI adapter cable. The iPad 1 can only play videos and pictures with applications that support video out which is actually a good number of applications. There is long list of apps that have TV out ability which can be found by clicking the link here.

There are a good number of pico and micro projectors that have an HDMI input that can work with these tablets ranging from the AAXA P3 Pico Projector and the M2 Micro Projector to the Optoma Pk201 and the Vivitek Qumi Q2. A number of these projectors have become smaller and more affordable and the same can be said with the tablets. The number of people using them to do everyday tasks and and work has began to climb as we see a myriad of YouTube videos of tablets with projectors. This will probably be the way that future classes are taught and is already the way many technologically gifted schools function.

Using a tablet and projector combo is the best for people on the move because they hardly have to pack anything besides the projector and the tablet. With a laptop people encounter the extra bulk and additional wires that need to be lugged around.


Tablet Comparison iPad Toshiba Thrive Playbook

Sanawa Supply Looking to Capatalize on Apple’s Success

Sanawa Supply company from Japan is looking to capitalize on Apple’s enormously popular iPhone 4 and 4S models by building a projector accessory for the device.The pico projector is rated at 12 ansi-lumens and can project images from the iPhone at a 640 x 360 resolution. The projector takes 5 hours to fully charge and can project for 2.5 hours afterward or be used as an external battery that can charge the iPhone back to 100% capacity when not in use.

This is a great projector for those looking to display images right from their iPhones but with a $260 price tag and low luminosity, the projector wouldn’t be more suitable than toy if it weren’t able to be used as a battery as well. This projector would only be able to be used with a decent image quality in very low light environments. Any lights would wash out the image for this projector.

However, the sleek design and matching glossy back color will appease people with looks in mind which is a big concern at Apple. This projector is currently only being sold in Japan, but you can get your hands on one by contacting the manufacturer directly. The other drawback is that this only works with two iPhone models and will not work with the iPod Touch or iPad models. The pcoket projector can be charged though a USB chord making a good companion for a PC or Mac laptop.

The bottom line: This would make a really cool toy and charger for your iPhone 4 if you have money to burn and are often in dark places.