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Gizmofusion reviews the AAXA P1jr LED projector

We were tipped off that Gizmofusion had reviewed the AAXA P1jr LED projector. In summary, the P1jr is a 10lumen LED projector that has the casual user in mind. At $109 price point, it’s affordable for someone who wants something different, but at the same time, you get what you pay for. Them folks over at Gizmofusion seem pleased with the unit. You can see the review yourself at

You can find the projector at:

LED touch projector

Light Blue Optic’s Light Touch was first demoed at CES. Well, the little laser mini projector has finally made its way from that dark trade show corner into the bright lights of the FCC. It still turns any flat area into a WVGA touchscreen using holographic laser projection (HLP) and infrared sensors, only now it’s more finger friendly and supports multi-touch gestures. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and a single mono speaker so you aren’t surface computing in silence, and there are composite video and micro-USB ports for pulling content from other devices. Of course, the Light Touch still only projects a 10.1-inch image, so it won’t be turning your wall into a touchscreen. But, it should do just fine turning a tray table, desk, or perhaps even the nearest person planking into one.

Casio announces 12 3D Laser/LED hybrid projectors




Casio announced a total of twelve new DLP projectors for the Japanese market, all of which can produce 3D images and feature a hybrid laser/LED light source. The company will start rolling out eight “standard” models starting in Japan in May, before offering two short-focus and two high-end devices in July.

The most interesting model is the flagship projector, the XJ-H1650, which features

3,500 lumens brightness (lamp life: 20,000 hours)
1,400:1 contrast ratio
1,024×768 resolution
Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g, Ethernet
one HDMI interface, one USB 2.0 port

For viewing images in 3D, Casio recommends using the so-called “3D Glasses for CASIO Projector”.

Casio plans to price the cheapest model, the “standard” XJ-M140 (2,500 lumens brightness, 1,024×768 resolution) at $1,200, with prices going up from there (the flagship XJ-H1650 will cost $2,800).

Asus P1 LED Projector

The ASUS P1 LED projector offers a product intended for business and entertainment use with a compact size, a height of just 33mm, 200-lumen brightness and a native resolution of 1280 x 800. It incorporates LED projection technology to help users reduce maintenance costs with its lamp lifespan up to four times longer than conventional projectors. Instant on/off capabilities and power input sharing with ASUS notebooks help make the P1 a great choice for all presentation needs.