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iGo Gold Pico projector

Have you ever had dreams of owning a gold plated gun like druglords or warlords? Well now you can have the white collar version. You can own your very own LED pico projector encased in 24k gold. The iGo is capable of producing 20 lumens with a resolution of 854×480. This LED projector has a .5w internal speaker, can take micro SD and USB via a micro USB adapter. The onboard media player is very basic, and run-time is about 80 minutes. Go here for more info.

ASUS P1 LED Projector

Tawainese hardware manufacturer previewed a few projectors recently. One notable projector is the P1 LED projector. This projector will produce 200 lumens, with a resolution of 1280×800. This LED projector also has 2w speakers on board. Not unlike many similar projectors now being released, the P1 will have mulitple connectivity and be able to read SD cards.

With Vivitek’s Qumi also being released soon, the LED projector market should be heating up in no time.


Taiwanese PC Manufacturer, Acer has launched its first pico LED projector

Acer C20 LED Pico Projector unveiledLED Mini Projector The C20 LED pico projector is based on the 858×480 WVGA DLP imager and produces a familiar 20 lumens of light output.  With its 20,000 hour LED RGB light source the projector can basically last years without needing a light source change.  The size is very small, although with the 858×480 resolution and 20 lumen output, we are wondering if this is just a rebadge of Optoma’s PK201. 

We like the HDMI connector, the long(ish) battery life, and the sleek look.  We don’t like the low lumen output or the high price.  Overall it’s not a game changer, but it is nice to see a big player like Acer beginning to take LED Pico projectors seriously.

It’s available now $349.

Ultra-bright LED Lighting systems are here!

Wavien LED Light recycling technology

Wavien, a California company better known for their ultra bright projector lamps have introduced what they claim to be “ultra-bright lighting systems” for projectors.  These systems employ Wavien’s “RLT” technology and can enable a LED projector to produce from 100 to 20,000 lumens.  The key to this brightness is Wavien’s patented “light recycling” LED Projector light sourcetechnology that makes lightsources from traditional projector lamps to LEDs more efficient in their output.  This is exciting news as red-green-blue LEDs in projectors tend to product extremely vibrant colors compared to the traditional UHP projector lamp.  Hopefully with Wavien’s technology DLP and LCOS LED Projectors for the home theater will stop costing $10,000+, and start becoming more consumer friendly. 

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